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Dream or Reality


“Last night I woke up from a dream .. Or was it a dream?  For you see that’s where things start to get a little mixed up in my mind…  Let’s just say I had fallen asleep and when I was asleep I traveled to a place where I had been before when I had drifted away.  Not a physical place.  But a place where I was doing something that might be considered unusual.  At least I consider it unusual… You decide my friend…

When I say unusual, it was unusual in the sense that in this world, the visible world, no one that I know of does what I do.  And that is to propel yourself off the ground and to fly.. In my sleep state I was somehow flying feet first through the atmosphere at an extremely high rate of speed until suddenly for no apparent reason I toppled forward and was upright, and there right next to me in a big circle… There were probably 4 or 5 others that I can remember. Three girls and one boy…. Hovering above the ground in a circle bobbing up and down… not touching the ground but elevated some 15 to 20 feet above the ground. They were laughing….at each other…. as they touched close to the ground and then elevated again and again…first one.. then the other… as they stared at me with fascination.

I was amazed as to how the others could fly and propel themselves above the ground since I thought I was the only one.  A young man with a bright turquoise Polo shirt and jeans, short dark hair, and thin body was next to me. His demeanor seemed on the friendly side as he smiled at me.  I was curious as to how long he had been flying…and how far…”So how far have you flown” I asked.  He looked at me with his cold, blue eyes and whispered with his hand cupped to his mouth so as to make sure the others could not hear. I felt his hot breath in my ear.”To the outer edge of the Milky Way, and I’ve just gotten started.”, He said.  “How about you?”

I was shocked to  find there were others who could fly and propel themselves above the ground. I hesitated.  Then  I spoke as well in a soft whisper propping my head against his chest… Weeping with wet tears dropping from my face….I said, “I am very afraid since I have been flying for a long time and I have gone to the outer edges of existence.  I was terrified that I would never come back.  I saw things that were not of this world…many things that are somehow blocked from my memory now.  I told the one that sent me back that I would tell no one what I saw. All I can say is that the things I saw are not of this world and are more beautiful than you can ever imagine.”

In the past, to propel upward, I held my hands close to my legs and pushed down on the invisibility which seemed to elevate me above the ground.  The more I pushed down, the more I elevated. The higher I elevated, the faster I went until suddenly I was in space and then beyond. In my travels I saw an awesome display of millions upon billions of tiny lights spread out across the universes.  I first traveled to cities of the earth in what seemed like a few seconds. After mastering the earth and its surroundings, I ventured out ever further.  It’s funny, I thought nothing of it…..

The longer I was in deep space the more I started to fear not ever coming back.. Something pulled me back though….Not sure what it was.. But I knew I had to come back for something…I wanted more than anything to come back.. even though flying and traveling … pulled at me to continue even deeper into the outer darkness that enveloped my entire being.  The lights would always pull me towards them.

And then I started to wake again… to reality… or was the true reality when I closed my eyes and started to drift off… and then to elevate higher and higher… until I could once again see and feel those marvelous pinpoints of white light against the deep, pure blackness of all eternity.  Pulling at me… inviting me to come closer.. and closer… and closer… and yet further away from the physical….reality…Yet I knew there was more for me to do where I was … for now that is….

The more I pondered these thoughts that might seem insane to some, the more I started to think… Aren’t we all just points of light in this world, hovering above somewhere or flying somewhere. That “somewhere” being wherever GOD places us to be for a moment in time…… There is nothing to fear because the one who places us there is always near and always directs our path to where he has planned all along.  He is the one who connects all the points of life in all galaxies throughout all eternity and determines our destiny..  I guess you’ll have to decide now… was it a dream… or was it reality…??”

Kelly Ann Hayes

It kind of makes you stop and think doesn’t it?  Was it a dream, or was it reality?



  1. jjspina says:

    Hmmm, yes it does make you think. This would make a great story if you continue it. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, dream or whatever. 😇😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tabitha59reachingout says:

    I’ve had flying dreams. They are full of bright colors and kind of strange. There’s no talking or music, just quiet. There are other people in those dreams too, some of them I know. I still don’t know what to make of them.

    Liked by 1 person

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