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Kids say the funniest things sometimes and most of the time they just say what comes to their mind.  Especially young kids.  Sometimes they say things that make you fall over laughing.

One time while I was visiting my mom in Texas, I took my little four-year old nephew Zach for a walk to the park which was just across the street from mom’s house.  It was early in the summer and a beautiful day to go for a walk and play on the slides and swings together.  The humidity in south Texas can be brutal in the summer but on this day, it was near perfect.

I was holding his hand as we walked and I bent over to tie a shoelace that had come undone.  When I did, he must have seen the top of my head that didn’t have much hair on top at the time.  He glanced at my head which was pretty much in his face, and said “It looks like the lawnmower got the top of your head.”  I almost fell over in the street from laughing so hard.  I guess he was right though.  My head had certainly been mowed down to the nub.  There wasn’t much grass on the top, and there still really isn’t much to speak of now.  Someone said you can use coconut oil tablets to make it grow back, but I’m not so sure it will work.

Kids just say what comes to mind and they really don’t mean anything by it.  I will never forget that day we walked to the park and found out that the lawnmower went off track and got the top of my head!


  1. ropheka says:

    I love the spontaneity of children.

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  2. tabitha59reachingout says:

    Hilarious! I loved this. Thanks for the laugh, Tony. ….. If you’re interested in some trivia, I read somewhere that men lose their hair because of too much testosterone, and another place mentioned a need for more B Complex vitamins. Not that it really matters. It’s far more important that you are the very kind man that you are ….. and such a blessing to me. Thanks for a great post.. 🙂

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  3. osarobohenry says:

    I almost fell off the chair as I laugh when I read, ”It looks like the lawn owner got the top of your head”. Children really say anything that comes to their mind with all boldness and trust on their parents. That is why the bible say we should be like small children. Thank you so much for sharing this Tony. More of God’s blessings to you and yours. Happy weekend my friend 😆

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  4. jjspina says:

    Children are so sweet and innocent. No wonder God loves them the most! 😃

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  5. LoL … cute story! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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