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Imagination and Real-life Combine to Promote New Book

Check out this post by Anne Milstead, author of “My Talking Dachshund” and “Puppy the Navy Seal Dachshund” – “Imagination and Real-Life Combine to Promote New Book”. Anne is a former teacher and has produced some great books that children will love. She is also a celebrity on Sims and has a fantastic idea for promoting books!

Puppy the Dachshund

They say that a web presence can be a real asset when promoting a book.  Anne Milstead (me) has a limited web presence on Facebook and very limited on Instagram, however, triciamanly (also me) has a fairly large presence on such sites as ModtheSims,  SimFansUK, and Cinda’sSimStyle.  For 11 years since my son, NedtheHead  gave me the Sims2 game for my birthday, I’ve been hooked on building houses for imaginary families trying to work their way up to the top of their careers.  You then package these houses to a file and upload to one of the above sites where fellow “Simmers” browse through screenshots of your houses and if they like one, they download it into their own game for their own Sims.  It’s amazing fun!  I don’t say it to boast (well, maybe I do) but I have a combined total of 1,988,912 downloads…

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  1. puppytd says:

    How wonderful, thank you so much for the reblog. I don’t know what to say!

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