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The Soul’s Learning and Purpose . .

Beautiful post by Cheryl Ries about the learning of the soul and purpose!


Want to make a real difference in this life, in the world? Want to know a purpose and a reason for your being? It’s so simple, it’s extraordinarily so! The ultimate way to make a difference and to change the world is to live in it as a force of love, compassion and as a blessing to others. Do good. Let your heart overflow even in spite of personal pain, loss, sorrow, longing, want and need. Take whatever has happened to you and turn it into a means by which you are able to not only recognize the pain and suffering in others; but to minister to them because of it! If you have been a victim, don’t relish that role to the point that it solely about you; but take it as a way of helping others through their similar fates. If you have suffered loss and grieved internally…

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  1. The True Light! says:

    An extremely good and Godly principle application here! Practice the fruits of the Spirit, for against such things, there is no law!


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