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I can’t stand scrunchy foods with the juice that oozes out and and rushes in to fill up my mouth.  It started when I was a youngster at the age of four years old.  I can remember the day oh so well as the lunch hour I want to forever forget.  Mom chopped up tiny pieces of this food called “apple” that I had never seen before in my life.  She plopped the slices beside my plate and told me to eat them after I finished my sandwich that day.

I took me a while to polish off my ham and cheese sandwich.  After swallowing the last bite of bread, I picked up a small bit of apple to give it a proper sniff test.  It smelled okay so I decided to give it a taste.  Okay here goes!  I placed the sliver between my front teeth and bit down hard on it so as to break the skin.  Squishy, oozy, watery liquid flowed within my mouth and started running down the side of my face.  I felt this awful scrunch inside and spit it out on the top of the table. It took a few spits to get it all out.  “Ewwwww”,  I said in a loud screechy voice.  Mom was hovering nearby like a helicopter looking for a landing deck.  She glared at me with her mouth wide open in annoying shock.  Her hands rested on the sides of her hips and her eyebrows were raised up high in the shape of the peak of a rooftop, like when she gets really mad at me.

That’s the moment I knew I was in a country boy heap of trouble!  “Tony!!!!, you finish eating that apple”.  “I don’t like apples Momma” “I don’t care, you need to eat your apple like I told you!!”, she yelled.  “There are starving little boys in China who don’t have anything to eat and here you are spitting out good food on the table.”

I honestly thought that the top of the table was the best place for this terrible tasting food called an apple.  I picked up the few remaining pieces of Mount Gushmore and forced myself to chew and swallow.  I was sitting there trying to figure out how in the world little boys my age in China would starve if I didn’t eat this repulsive tasting food.  It was beyond my four-year old brain, so I just went along with what Mom was saying.  It wouldn’t have done me any good to argue with her anyway.

From that day forward I have detested apples except in the form of an apple pie. I have never eaten a raw apple again in my entire life.  I also can not stand other similar fruits that have the same scrunchy, oozy, watery, awful taste.  That would include fruits like watermelon with those slimy, oozy black seeds and the water that gushes out in your mouth.  I also can not stand pears, or cantaloupe or anything of the sort.

I know it’s a good idea for parents to get their kids to try different foods, but the apple idea kind of backfired.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away and I can tell you without any hesitation that it will certainly keep me away to stay.  


  1. mmb317 says:

    Oh my! For such a nice piece, I’m going to send you a bag of plums, peaches, and nectarines.

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  2. tabitha59reachingout says:

    That is so funny! My husband doesn’t like mushy watery fruits either, but I (personally) think it’s because of his beard. He doesn’t want fruit dripping down his beard. ha ha ………. As for me, I could live on fruits if I could get away with it. 🙂

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  3. milliethom says:

    Well, Tony, I’m sorry to say that your excellent piece about your dislike of apples made me laugh out loud! You described the scene of your four-year-old self spitting out apple all over the table so well! Now, I love applles – and all the other watery fruits you mentioned – but can appreciate your aversion to them. There are lots of other, less watery fruits around for you to enjoy, so I don’t think your dislike of apples is likely to render you vitamin deficient! LOL An enjoyable read, Tony! 🙂

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  4. The memories we hang on to…I detested milk. White fluid that had a raw smell. Eww!

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  5. jjspina says:

    I love apples raw or cooked. I make a delicious apple pie! Apples are good in so many recipes too. Great with pork! You never have to eat a raw one again. Cooked is the way to go – add a little cinnamon and sugar! Yumm!

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  6. Yes I agree Janice! Just don’t give me a raw one. The only thing worse for me is the taste of gritty liver.

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