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Happy Father’s Day GOD!

Happy Father's Day GOD


“What do you want for Father’s Day GOD?”  Don’t you know?  First – I want your love.  I don’t want for you to just say you love me.  I want for you to show me you love me and really mean what you say.  Your words can be so empty sometimes like your heart. I don’t want an empty heart from you.  

I want to hold you if you will let me.  Don’t push me away by always trying to do what you think is best for you or what you want to do.  You’re not even thinking of me when you do that.  Listen to my voice by reading my word.   But don’t just read the words!  Listen to what I say beyond your eyes and ears.  Let my words enter into your soul and rest there.  

Put the cares and concerns you have in this world on my lap.  Talk to me about them all.  I will listen.  I am always listening to you and for you.  I want and always do what is best for you.  You asked me today what I want for Father’s Day.  I want you to want me more than anything else in the world.  I could give you anything in the world you want.  I want you to want more and more of me and less and less of the world.  

Your life in the world will one day be over after you have fulfilled all I created you to do in this dominion.  You’ll be with me forever after that!  While you are here, continue to learn of me.  Yes, learn of me by reading my word. But also learn of me through the trials and difficulties, the hard times, good times, the ups and the downs.  I have put all of these in motion within your life to draw you ever closer to me.  There is purpose in every provision and in every lack thereof.  

As you journey through this life I created for you, call on me often.  I love to hear your voice.  Don’t go a single day without calling out my name my child.  I whisper your name every day.  I love you so much it brings tears to my eyes in rivers of delight. 

When you took your first step, I smiled.  When you held out your hands for me to pick you up, I did.  You fell down and I picked you up again, and again, and again.  Look beyond in the distance past what you can see and listen for more than you can hear.  That is where I may be found.  It is there you will hear me whispering your name and see me picking you up and holding you.  Holding you and whispering your name.  That is the best Father’s Day gift I could ever hope to have. 


  1. So beautiful and I believe it is also very true. Thanks, Tony. 🙂

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  2. Skydreamer says:

    Hi I nominated you for an award for your wonderful blog :), you can check it out: (this is not spam, do not worry!) and beautiful post

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