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My Love For You

OceancloudsPublic Domain

GOD’S mighty ocean – PD

My love for you is like the ocean

Deep and wide

My thoughts for and about you are like the tiny particles of sand that form the boundary lines of my mighty waters

The waves crash in repetition going only so far

It is in them that I speak your name every time they visit the shoreline and I think of you again

The seagull flys high above giving thanks to me for the fish beneath

The mighty whale tosses and turns and spouts my water high above before descending below

Each of my creatures I have made for you to enjoy because I love you

My waters provide moisture for your crops and a life source for your body

Without my waters and my love for you – you would not exist

Never forget “my love for you.”


  1. Thanks for the reblog my friend!


  2. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your nice comment!


  3. this was so tranquil, feeling of gentle love in every word…beautiful πŸ™‚

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  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! I have to tell you that these words were Holy Spirit inspired today.


  5. jjspina says:

    Beautiful poem, Tony! Thanks for sharing lest we soon forget!

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  6. Reblogged this on youcancallmefrance and commented:
    As serene as the sky

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  7. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the reblog! Glad you liked this!


  8. Hi Tony,

    What beautiful words. This is just what I needed to read to day to quiet my mind, after having one of those very hectic days.


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  9. Thanks for stopping by Nancy. Glad it helped you today!


  10. Beautifully written poem Tony! So full of emotions! I can feel all the emotions coming out very clearly!
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem with all of us Tony!
    Have a great day πŸ™‚

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  11. Thanks Heena! I am glad you liked it. Have a great day too!


  12. So simple, so true, so beautiful. when we strip away everything but what is pure what we’re left with is so beautiful. thank you for sharing

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  13. Thanks for stopping by Joanne. I appreciate your comment!


  14. mariannegv says:

    Beautiful! Great photo too. Thanks for liking one of my posts.
    Kind greetings,

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  15. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comment!


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