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Rant Day

Too Much Rain

Too Much Rain


I’m not sure what it is?  Maybe it’s because it has been raining almost non-stop where I live here in Oklahoma and I am getting a wee bit tired of it all!  I don’t know exactly why, but I just feel like ranting a bit here today. Have you ever had those days where things get on your nerves? Here is a list of some things that get on my nerves.

1.  It upsets me when people try to get on the elevator and I am trying to get off at the same time without giving me any room to get off the elevator.  Don’t they know it’s a common courtesy to let someone get off first.  It would sure make things easier on everyone if they would just give you maybe 3 seconds to get off the elevator without piling inside and bowling you over tying to get on.

2.  I get upset when someone starts talking over me when I ask a question.  At least let me finish the question and then you can start talking. That just tells me you don’t really care about what I am saying and aren’t really listening to me. 

3.  I don’t like it when someone rides so close to the back of my car that you can literally only put a few sheets of paper between the bumpers.  I know you’re in a hurry, but come one!

4.  I can’t stand it when someone asks me if I’m okay and they don’t really want the truth.  They just want to speak those words and make conversation.  Don’t ask me if you don’t really want to know!

5.  I don’t like it when someone does not plan properly and then it somehow becomes an emergency for me to help them out of the jam.

6.  I can’t stand it when people just throw their litter, cigarette butts, gum, and whatever on the ground for someone else to pick up. Clean up after yourself! Good grief the world is not your moma!

7.  It really gets on my nerves when people with dogs do not pick up their dogs messes and leave them for someone else to step in or on.  That is just rude and inconsiderate to the extreme dimension!  You should just post a sign on your back that says I don’t really care about other people!

8.  It bothers me when someone talks so loud in a restaurant that everyone in the entire restaurant can hear their conversation.  Either they must be drunk, don’t care, or just naturally have a loud voice.  If it’s the latter, try putting on your inside voice instead of using the outside one okay!

9.  I can’t stand those kind of people who are always sarcastic when they talk to you.  There has to be something mentally wrong going on there for that to always be the case. 

10. I can’t stand those know-it all types either who think they know everything about everything when in reality they know nothing about nothing.  They enjoy the game of one upsmanship and can’t wait to start playing. 

11.  I can’t stand it when right after a loss of someone dear to you someone says ” Well you know they are in a better place.”  That may be true, but right at the moment I miss them and that somehow does not comfort me. I just want to talk about them, what they meant to me, and to know you care about me and my feelings and what I am going through.

12.  I can’t stand those people who sit next to you on an airplane and never shut up the entire flight.  Come on, drink a coke, eat some peanuts, sit back and enjoy the ride so that I can!

13.  I can’t stand when people are consistently late to appointments they make.  That just tells me one thing, either you are so disorganized in your life, or you really don’t care about me and my time!

14. It gets on my nerves when you use all the toilet paper and leave an empty roll for me to use.  Come on, changing the roll out is really not that hard to do. If you need instructions, I will gladly show you how to do it. 

15. I really can’t stand it when people start talking or texting or playing games on their phone in the movie theater.  Go outside if you need to do that!

16. I can’t stand it when other people steal something from someone else. The other day I was in a major store – I won’t say which one. I went into the men’s bathroom and there on the floor were several stickers that looked like someone had taken off clothes. I am sure they stole them.  I told the janitor that it looked to me like someone was stealing clothes in the bathroom when I was leaving and this is what he said. ” Oh yeah – it happens all the time, at night mainly – they steal clothes, pregnancy tests, and whatever they can hide.”  I  recommended in jest that they start putting cameras in the bathrooms to catch them and all he did was smile when I walked out. 


Okay so I guess I have done enough ranting for today. If it keeps on raining, I may come up with some more to share with you. So what about you, is there anything that gets on your nerves?



  1. Hope you feel better now that you vented your feelings, Tony. The weather can get depressing when it rains non-stop for so long. I hate when you’re watching debates on the news and the commentators shout so much you can’t hear what anyone says.

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  2. foguth says:

    #3 – I flick my headlights on, which turns the rear lights on, so they think I’ve put on the brakes – they quick put on their brakes and I get breathing space, then I turn off my headlights … do this a couple times and tailgaters generally back off … it goes without saying that this only works during the daylight.
    #7 I frequently see a certain neighbor do this to the neighbor across the street – everywhere else, she picks up after the dog. Don’t know what is going on between her and the other neighbor, but wonder if she is too dumb to realize that people can see out of windows and that she is ruining her reputation in this community.
    #13 One sister-in-law is so consistently late that everyone tells her the function begins 1 1/2 hours earlier than it really does … works for us 😉

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  3. I will have to try the headlights trick! Yes the dog thing really annoys me. On top of the courtesy idea is the health issue which to me is just disgusting!. I love the idea of giving the late comer a different time… Great idea!!


  4. Yinglan says:

    I don’t blame you, too much wet weather can make anyone complain. I know I’m sick of the wet weather too. The annoying thing is the rain is scattered. It will rain in some parts and dry in others.

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  5. Hi Tony,

    I agree with all of your annoyances. People can be so rude sometimes, can’t they?

    I hope your weather improves soon! And with it, I hope your spirits lift.

    P.S. Sending you some warm summer sunshine from Massachusetts! (but not too warm 🙂 )

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  6. Hello Tony, 🙂 I must admit I chuckled through much of this, but I also wholeheartedly agree with you that those things are not right and can be very annoying.

    At my last job, we finally put up a sign that said, “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.” That helped some with a certain company policy we had then. {That’s my comment for #5.}

    As for #9, I have read that “sarcasm is the lowest form of humor” and I agree with that. When it comes continuously from a person, it can be very aggravating! Where is the sincerity and kindness? Where is the real person? Sarcasm, I believe, is anger poorly disguised.

    But my favorite part (that made me laugh out loud) was #6, when you said “the world is not your mama!” That was funny! 🙂 ………….. Thanks for the laugh today. I hope you have a better ending than beginning and may God send you sunshine SOON! 🙂

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  7. I laughed reading this because they are so true! I hope it lightened your load waiting on the sunshine. Thanks for sharing this ☺

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  8. Yes – thank you – I do feel much better now. Come on sun….


  9. milliethom says:

    It does you good to have a good old rant now and then – and all the rain you’ve been having is enough to make anyone want to let off steam. Imagining your face as you wrote your excellent list made me smile a lot – and I wholeheartedly agree with what you’ve said in each. The key issue, it seems to me, is one of common courtesy and, of course, respect for each other and our environment. And these things seem to be the same in many/most parts of the world. Great post, Tony (hope you’ve calmed down now). 🙂

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  10. Thanks for your comments Millie! Yes, it did make me feel better… LOL


  11. jjspina says:

    Amen to all of these, Tony! We all need to rant and rave a little. It sure helps you to feel better. I hope it helped you! Lol! Blessings & hugs!

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  12. It sure did Janice! The rain just stopped a little and now they say we have tornado warnings until 7:00 pm tonight. You can’t win for losing around here some days…LOL. Have a great weekend!


  13. mmb317 says:

    Thank you. I now have nothing left to complain about.

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  14. lynn__ says:

    Spelling errors in newspapers bug me…and when people misspell “momma” (#6) Makes me wanna rant 😉
    I’m just kidding, Tony – hope your little black raincloud moves on!!

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