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It’s time to die.  If you really stop to think about life, aren’t we all just waiting to die?  That’s where things start to get interesting.  When we stop to think about it, or allow ourselves the time to think about those thoughts that is.  We were born to die, but it’s what we do in between the waiting that makes a life a life and the waiting worth its while.

So many times we try to hurry to the next place in our lives hoping to find that mountaintop where we can look down and see all of the answers to life spread out in perfect packages below us.  “When we are younger and still in school we can’t wait for summer vacation. We can’t wait to graduate from high school. ” Then I will be out on my own and can do the things I want to do.” we say.  “I can’t wait to get married” “I can’t wait to start my new job.” “I can’t wait until I start to feel better.” “I can’t wait until I retire.” “I can’t wait………”

Perhaps the answer is in living and in taking each day as they come. Maybe it’s in accepting each breath as a gift from GOD and making each moment of waiting count.  The longer we are here, the more we come to understand that it’s not about us.  GOD has a plan for each of us in the waiting area of life.  The closer he becomes to us and draws near, the more we come to understand the why in the waiting.

We were not created to just live and then die, but to wait as well.  We wait in the waiting room of life until GOD knows we are ready for the next part of our life to unfold.  When the blanket of life is unfolded we realize that our waiting was not in vain but there was purpose for every single moment we spent waiting.


  1. jjspina says:

    Beautifully expressed, Tony! We are all waiting but it is what we do in between the waiting that makes us who we are! Blessings & hugs!

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  2. Life is in this waiting…now.
    Very well written.

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