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Four Weeks Ago

Blue Skies To Be

Some ask me how I feel right now.

To feel you must be present somehow.

I am nowhere near.

You might have been a lawyer, a doctor, or a nurse.  

Perhaps you were to be an actor, an actress, or maybe a fireman, or a teacher.

Maybe you were to be Governor or President. 

Maybe you were to be just who you wanted to be and do just what you wanted to do.

The doctor just told me about you.

You died four weeks ago.

Please tell me GOD it isn’t so.

Some say I never knew you.

But that just isn’t true.

I knew you more than anyone could ever know.

I said a prayer for you today and hope that you’re okay.

I know that GOD is holding you and I will one day too.

My hopes and dreams for you will not fade no less than if you would have stayed.


  1. I like this poem. My father in law died a few years ago and I still hope and pray that he’s with God. I guess I just have to wait and see. He was quite a guy. Started out so tough and unapproachable and by the time he was near the end, he was a great big teddy bear. I think that was the real him.

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    • It’s kind of funny you say that Debbie. My dad was sort of like your father-in law. He portrayed himself as a real macho rough and tough construction worker. He would never let me hug him when I got older. I guess because he thought it wasn’t the manly thing to do. When he got lung cancer, everything sort of changed and he became more mellow and loving. I guess he started to realize what the most important things in life were and how time really is so short, and that we need to love others before it is too late.


  2. Trinity says:

    wow, just beautiful, thank you.

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  3. So touching! The tags say ‘abortion’ and I can totally feel the pain of a mother who comes to know that she’s lost her child!
    This poem is so emotional that it can be interpreted in so many ways… Very beautiful poem Tony! 🙂

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  4. lynn__ says:

    Very touching, Tony. Our first grandchild was mis(sed)carried to heaven before she was born.

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