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Who says I’m beautiful?

Petals hide thorns of pain

They call me names again and again

They pick on me with no restrain

Beautiful and afraid


Thoughts of ending it all

Fragile, frightened, small

I can’t take any more

Who knows what’s in store?

Help me

Can’t you see?

Morning comes

Rain will not fall

Fragile, frightened, small

Tonight I’ll end it all

And in the morning

I’ll be set free

My thorns for me no more in store

No rain

No pain


On average, one person every 40 seconds somewhere in the world will die in the world as a result of suicide.  Global rates for suicide have increased by 60 percent in the past 45 years according to the suicide awareness and support group,

Bullying and cyberbullying are big issues in the world we live in today, especially for teenagers. Some kids are stronger than others and can take the bullying while others just don’t know how to cope or have not developed adequate coping skills to deal with others who choose to bully.

Parents, family, teachers, and friends need to recognize the dangers and signs of bullying and the effects on children before the morning comes.  My heart goes out to those in this world who have lost a child to suicide.  How very hard that must be.


  1. tabitha59reachingout says:

    Absolutely. It is a very sad thing indeed. 😦 ………….. Good post, Tony.

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  2. Great post Tony, but it’s too bad you had had to write it. I knew a 16 year old girl who hung herself because she was bullied. This is truly heartbreaking.

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  3. Beautiful poem Tony. Bullying is really a huge problem that the entire world is facing. It’s terrible how a person can be forced to suicide just for someone else’s fun!
    Thanks for sharing this inspiring poem! 🙂

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  4. Yes – some people are just more fragile than others. They just are not strong enough and see their only way out as ending it all.


  5. Beautifully written piece 🙂

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  6. Thanks for your comment!


  7. ropheka says:

    We need to teach to be confident in Jehovah and His love for us. “The closer I get to Jehovah, the less others opinions of me matter. ” Joseph- Anthony: Green

    The perpetrators must be taught the error of their ways. If they refuse to stop then they must be severely punished. I have gone through bullying and since learning how to stand up to them are not bothered by them.


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