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You Want To Be Great? Endure!

Endure and be an overcomer!

Vincent Egoro

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A boy once asked his father, “How many times do I have to try again after I have failed?” and the father replied, “Son, until you succeed.” The Chinese have a saying that “defeat is the mother of success” – After you fail once or twice, try again. It will increase your determination, and strengthen your endurance.

What makes you great in my opinion isn’t the number of houses you own, the luxury cars you drive, the wealth you possess, or if you always grace the cover pages of leading and influential magazines. But rather in how you overcome life’s challenges. A truly great person is someone who has understood the challenges of life, endured the hardships, and tolerated the abuse and criticism of others.

You see, “everyone knows how to thrive and survive in the good times. It is the trying times that separates the one…

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  1. I think the most successful people have had their trials, but they’ve used them as a source of strength. From my own experience, I know that quitting only assures failure.

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