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Wedding Cake at Church

Wedding Cake at Church

Just Married Sign

Just Married Sign

Our only daughter is now married and has changed her last name.  It was a great wedding and my wife and I will have many fond memories of this day to reflect upon. There were in fact though a few funny mishaps like my daughter’s veil falling off and the bridesmaid forgetting the ring and having to run down the aisle to get it during the ceremony!   Like many of you have said, I have gained a new son-in law now who I am really looking forward to getting to know.

I was really down a few days ago when the reality hit me that things would be different now.  I started to cheer up though when I started to contemplate that the true reality was that things would be different but in a very good way.  Our daughter is happier than she ever has been and that makes me happy!

What a beautiful day it was and what a nice family our daughter has married into.  I look forward to spending time with them and getting to know them as well.  Now life continues on and I am looking forward to a great future.


  1. jjspina says:

    Congratulations on your daughter’s marriage! Best wishes and blessings to the happy couple and to you and your wife!

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  2. Thank you Janice! It was a great day.


  3. milliethom says:

    I’t’s good to know you’re so happy, Tony. Your family has an extra member now, and you have some lovely new friends in his family. The couple of little mishaps at the wedding made me smile. 🙂 I wish you all continued joy and happiness in the future.

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  4. Thanks Millie for the well wishes my friend. It really was an great day to remember.


  5. tabitha59reachingout says:

    I am very happy for you all, Tony. God bless you.

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  6. thehutowner says:

    Congratulations ! Now it happened….have a great future with them…

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  7. Thank you very much! I think they will be very happy together!


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