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Shirley Temple Book Signing Novi, Michigan

Shirley Temple Book Signing Novi, Michigan

This is a picture of the legendary child star “Shirley Temple Black” at the signing of her autobiography entitled “Child Star : An Autobiography” in 1989 in Novi, Michigan.  My wife and daughter visited a local Borders Book store where Shirley was signing books. They snapped a picture of her that day and were able to pick up a copy of one of her autographed books.

Shirley Temple started making movies at the age of three years old in 1932 and went on to star in several movies like “Curly Top, The Little Colonel, The Littlest Rebel, Heidi, Our Little Girl, Bright Eyes, Captain January, Poor Little Rich Girl, Stowaway, and Dimples” among others.  She was at the top of the box office charts from 1935-1938 and started out making only $125 per week.

She was in my opinion one of the greatest child stars of all time. She also faithfully served her country as a United States Ambassador to Ghana and later Czechoslovakia.  Our country has certainly changed a lot since those days in the 1930’s when Shirley Temple made her run of fame.

Haven’t we as a country kind of lost our innocence as a country with all that has happened and how we have changed.  America used to have such a wholesome image as portrayed in the films made popular by Shirley Temple.  Where did we lose our way?  What happened to us?

I long for those Shirley Temple days again. Can we have just a few more of those kind of days or have we strayed too far off course?


  1. Oh yes! We have definitely strayed far off course! But …… how lovely that your wife and daughter actually got to meet Shirley Temple in person! She was a very good actress and such an adorable and smart little girl too.

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  2. milliethom says:

    Shirley Temple was certainly a great child star, who appealed to so many people in Britain as well as the US. To have seen her in person must have been wonderful. As for countries losing their way, the US is not alone in that either! 🙂

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