Tony A. Smith






Hasn’t it been troubling these past few weeks with all of the things that the ISIS criminals have been doing lately to Christians and others out of pure hatred and meanness?  If someone does not believe the same way you do, I suppose the best thing to do according to ISIS is to chop their heads off and do away with them so that they won’t be an issue any longer.  What a dark. depraved, and very confused way of thinking. Who would burn someone alive and then crush them with concrete?

Have you ever turned on a flashlight in a totally dark room?  The light penetrates the darkness and overwhelms it.  There is no darkness in the path where the light is shining. Turn off the flashlight and the darkness returns to fill the void the light has left.

Do you think that is what may be happening in our world today?  Have we allowed the darkness to slip into our lives and overtake the light?  Perhaps it is time we all stand up and shine our own lights into a very dark world.  Darkness and light can not coexist and perhaps that is why the enemy is working in overdrive to try to overcome the light now.


The light overcomes darkness, and the darkness hasn’t overcome it. John 1:5 World English Bible



  1. wayne0052013 says:

    Your message is on point . . . and thanks for posting it. I would like to add that many Christians (so-called) in America have not come to that realization. The obviously horrible acts of ISIS are easily condemned but equally obvious racist acts toward others is overlooked and even justified by many. That same darkness seems to overcome the light. The depravity among Islamic extremists is the same that exists among Christian extremists (or non-christians). But truth still reigns, and the light still overcomes the darkness. Your message applies to the sins of ISIS and all sin, wherever it is.

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  2. This post is so true, Tony. It can be very discouraging sometimes when the world has such evil in it. Thankfully, Jesus is the truth and the Light. Eventually, He will bring justice to the world. It is a comfort to know that even a small candle of light can bring light into a dark room. Even though Christians may not be the perfect example of who Jesus wants us to be, the enemy can still see the light of God within us all. He hates. Jesus loves.

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  3. Great post Tony. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

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