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The other day my wife, mother-in law and I decided to go to a local ice cream shop for an after Christmas treat. I ordered one of those nice thick chocolate malts. My wife, Denise ordered a chocolate fudge sundae. Boy did it look good too! Her vanilla ice cream was drenched in thick hot fudge. My mother-in law ended up getting a double dipped strawberry cone. Her eyes started to glaze over as soon as the girl behind the counter started dipping it for her. When she placed it on top of her waffle cone mom started smacking her lips together in anticipation.

We moved to the end of the line to pay at the register and when we did an older gentleman, perhaps in his early sixties, approached the cashier and gave her some sort of card. The cashier acted like she knew him and took his card and slid it through her machine. That’s when I started to get a little bit irritated. How dare this fellow jump in front of us?  How can this dude have the nerve to plop himself in front of us and place an order.  Can’t he see we were in line?  I was within one gnats hair of telling him how I felt about the situation when he turned to us and said “It’s all paid for.”

This kind gentleman actually paid for all of our ice cream that ended up costing about nine dollars. My wife asked him why he did it and he replied ” Because I wanted to do something nice for you.”  The ladies at the counter later told us that he comes in all the time and pays for people’s meals and ice cream. What a kind man!  I couldn’t believe it. I can imagine that if I would have jumped on him, we might well have lost our free ice cream.  I am thankful I held back for two reasons. One for the free ice cream, and two, to allow him to pay a kindness to someone. I guess it works both ways doesn’t it?


  1. Terry says:

    What a beautiful gesture. It also proves that too many times we react before thinking. What a nice person that was, and I am glad you were able to enjoy some family time with ice-cream treats

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  2. Very nice! Always practice restraint and don’t be the first to assume something is the way it looks! Awesome lesson indeed!

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  3. lksisters says:

    Oh I love this story! This needs to happen more often. Kindness goes a long way.

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  4. lynn__ says:

    Wonderful story, Tony. I’m glad you used your tongue for licking, not lashing!

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  5. joybernardo says:

    Such a sweet story! As a society, we can often think the worst of a situation before we get all of the relevant information.

    A couple times a week, I to go a cafe to do a little writing (when I need a change of pace) and I find it incredibly heartwarming to keep one of those “Pay It Forward/Backwards” chains going or to pay for a cup of coffee for a Veteran. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to make a positive impact on the people around me.

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  6. Rookienotes says:

    I loved this story!!!! Thank you. I’m glad you held your cool. May God bless him. We all need to pay it forward.

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  7. What a nice story. Thinking before acting can really make the word a better place! Nice post 🙂

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  8. Nefii says:

    Hi Tony, Thanks for being part of my blogging experience through 2014. Hope to have more shared experiences in the 2015.Happy new year! And good luck with the healthy lifestyle. Thanks for blessing me through your blog Enefaa Nkiru

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