Tony A. Smith




  • Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking, so don’t even try to make me. You’ll know when I just answer with  barely audible grunts and growls. 
  • Give me some space when I first get home from work, then you can tell me about your day.  I need to decompress just a little. Hold it on those rapid-fire questions for a while.
  • Can you please just get to the point in your conversation? You circle like an airplane until you finally land on the point. I’m waiting for you down here on the runway.
  • You know you really don’t have to go to the bathroom with all your girlfriends at the same time when we go out to dinner. It’s really okay if you go in there on your own you know!
  • Make me feel important. It’s okay to tell me I’m a great guy! Really!
  • I like it when you cook for me.
  • I do like just holding your hand sometimes.
  • I care about how you look so try to look your best when we go out. 
  • Don’t ask me any trap questions about how your hair looks or how you look in that dress!
  • Sometimes I don’t like to go shopping with you. I want to get in and get out of that store. I am not one of your girlfriends you hang out with all day just browsing the aisles.
  • Make-up is a bit overrated. Some make-up is okay. I like you for who you really are.
  • Try to be on time when we need to be some place at a certain time. Don’t make me have to keep telling you. “We need to leave or we’re going to be late!” That really gets on my nerves, and don’t tell me it takes you longer to get ready because you have more to do since you’re a woman. 
  • Let me have my sports time and time with the guys and I’ll give you your time with the girls! There is a good reason they call it a man cave.
  • Did you ever think the reason I don’t stop to ask for directions might be because I want to spend more time with you? 


  1. truthtangible says:

    Just so you know, women go to the bathroom in groups to talk privately abut how the date/event is going. It has nothing to do with actually going to the bathroom.

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  2. Leyla says:

    interesting 🙂

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  3. cperrington says:

    Here’s one that I’d add …

    No. 11 – If you’re going to come to me with a problem, expect me to give you a solution that works, not just sit there and listen without commenting.

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