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 The father has syphilis

 The mother has tuberculosis

 The first child is blind

 The second child died

 The third of four is deaf

 The fourth child has tuberculosis

Should mom and dad choose to abort the pregnancy based upon previous complications?

If you answered yes, then you would have just killed off perhaps the greatest composer of all time!

“Ludwig van Beethoven.” The world would never have known – Symphony No. 3, Symphony No. 5, or Symphony No. 9 to name a few of his greatest works.

Since the 1973 supreme court case of Roe v Wade 56 million babies have been aborted. One hundred fifty-eight babies are killed every single hour on average in the United States.


  1. lynn__ says:

    Powerful point made…every life is valuable!

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  2. Noelene says:

    Those are horrifying statistics. All those lives lost, so very sad.

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  3. Powerful post. This is always such a difficult topic. I still think that the choice should be left with the mother.

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  4. osarobohenry says:

    This post is very straight forward to the point. Many people do this without spending quality time to think of the consequences of their actions most times. In the short run the decision might be simple but in the long run, it becomes very sad anytime the people involve remember their error and great sin committed. Abortion is an act of murder which is a very great sin. Thank you Tony for sharing. God’s blessings to you and have a most blessed weekend.

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  5. dansarc says:

    Very good post Tony. It always saddens me when anyone says the decision to kill a child should be up to the mother. No, the decision to give or take away life is ONLY up to God who is the author and finisher of life. Any other view is just plain misguided. The bible clearly states “Though shall not kill.” Argue that and justify it all you want. It does not change the fact that you are still in the end, if you chose to ignore that fact, wrong. Period. End of story. Tony, you are a good man and I admire you greatly. Thanks again for such an important post.

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  6. Sajo Sunny says:

    Good one.. It is God who grants life… man has no right to stop it.

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  7. Sajo Sunny says:

    Reblogged this on Tales of Sajo Sunny and commented:
    Its really a matter of worry. In our country, its one of the major problems. Millions of foetus are killed each year in the subcontinent, which has a gradual effect on the sex ratio.

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  8. blessed1 says:

    Every life has value and I love this post!!!


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