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The Road of Life



One of the most unpredictable things in life is a construction project and the eventual outcome. There are too many variables that can affect construction. Any time you are dealing with manpower, material, weather, natural disasters, and unexpected events, you might as just well plan on some sort of changes along the way. It can become nearly impossible to predict exactly when your move in day may be.


Here are some examples

 – The drywall you had planned for the walls of your house is delayed because of a truck break-down on the side of the highway.

 – Your electricians didn’t show up to run the wiring since they got backlogged on another job. They said they would return tomorrow.

 – A fire breaks out and burns up one of your rooms on an addition that is just underway on your house. 

 – A severe downpour in the neighborhood where your house is being built floods your basement which ends up delaying your move in by four weeks.

 – You just found out the carpet you selected for your new house has been discontinued. 

 – The plumber tells you that the fixtures you selected for the bathrooms arrived by truck yesterday but they were broken. It will take three weeks to get the same fixtures now. 

 – The wall covering that is coming from Finland arrived yesterday however the builder only ordered for eight foot high walls. Your walls are nine feet high which means you will be short wall covering!

 – Your brick mason tells you today that the brick you selected will now cost $3000 more due to unexpected increases in fuel costs and freight charges. 

 – The rafters that the lumber company dropped on site yesterday were stolen. It takes an additional week to get more rafters to the site. 

 – The concrete that was delivered to the site does not meet strength requirements for the slab and has to be torn out. 


I suppose that’s how life can be sometimes as well. We can’t control all aspects of our life. The only thing we can do is to do the best we can with what we have to work with. We can choose to roll with the unexpected things in life as they come along or we can whine and cry. We can kick the dirt and stir up some dust, but after the dust settles all we really have is a big dirt pile and dust in our nostrils. The road of life is paved with change. As my wife’s grandmother used to say – “life is life”.  She was one wise lady!


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  1. lynn__ says:

    Expect the unexpected?! Yes, life is life… is messy


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