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The other day I started thinking about something that really troubles me from time to time after looking at this photo I snapped while I was at the old Fort Gibson Fort not far from where I live here in northeast Oklahoma. I don’t know if it does you or not. But it does me. Mankind has used various forms of communication over the years. We used to be able to just talk to each other face to face. Way back he used fires and smoke signals. There were also some drums that got pounded on and of course some horns along the way which could be heard for long distances. Later on he started using some little birds called pigeons to carry messages back and forth. Then of course we had letter writing which not very many people do today either.

Then in 1838 along came the telegraph which was really a big help. Thirty eight years later in 1876 the telephone was invented.  That really changed the way we communicated now didn’t it? Then the first mobile phone network and mobile phones were invented which was followed by the fax machine and email. Later on texting was added to cell phones.

It seems like since we got cell phones and texting that’s all anyone does anymore. I can’t believe that people will be sitting across the room from each other and text each other rather than talking to them face to face. It seems like we are becoming less and less conversational with each other and actually prefer to text on our little cell phones. Why is that? I suppose it is faster for an on the go society that we live in today. It sure has cut into our relationships though a bit it seems like to me. I guess that’s enough ranting on that subject. Let me know if you think I’m driving this train down the wrong track and if you’ve got any other thoughts here. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

Here is one last parting idea. How about this Thanksgiving you gather up all the cell phones in the family and throw them in a drawer for a few days?  You just might have some real conversation going on for a change don’t you think?


  1. I was just in a restaurant counting the people texting on their phones. The waitress even had her phone in her pocket. At work are employees texting and working on their computers. WHY????? Cellphone use is becoming an addiction. I seen someone slip off the curb and hurt her ankle because she was texting and not watching where she walked. This is getting terrible.


  2. Nefii says:

    I think it’s harder figuring out the tone of the other person when we text or cimmunicate via social media. More relationships split cause of misunderstandings via texting…


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