Tony A. Smith



Beautiful images

“Once the house was lovely, but it’s lonely here to-day.

For time has come an’ stained its walls an’ called the young away;

An’ all that’s left for mother an’ for me till life is through

Is to sit an’ tell each other what the children used to do.

We couldn’t keep em’ always an’ we knew it from the start.

We knew when they were babies that some day we’d have to part.

But the years go by so swiftly, an’ the littlest one has flown. 

An’ there’s only me an’ mother now left here to live alone.

Oh, there’s just one consolation, as we’re sittin’ here at night.

They’ve grown to men an’ women, an’ we brought ’em up all right,

We’ve watched ’em as we’ve loved ’em an’ they’re splendid every one, 

An’ we feel the Lord won’t blame us for the way our work was done.”

By Edgar Guest

This poem was written by Edgar Guest who was born in Birmingham, England and eventually moved to Detroit, Michigan.  He worked for the Detroit Free Press in Michigan for many years and wrote more than eleven thousand poems in his lifetime. He was known as the “People’s Poet”.

It is so true how fast life goes by each one of us. We need to savor the moments and enjoy every moment with our children. After a while, they soon fly away and the circle of life continues on. Just do the best you can and train them up in the way they should go. If you’ve done your best, that’s all anyone can ask for!


  1. cperrington says:

    With three boys who will be out of the house within the next eight years, this hits home on a Friday.


  2. My favorite lines:

    “An’ all that’s left for mother an’ for me till life is through

    Is to sit an’ tell each other what the children used to do.”

    So true. If my husband and I are even away from our kids for one night, we find ourselves talking about them 🙂 Good reminder to enjoy the time you have with the kids at home!


  3. Lisa says:

    I sure did need this tonight. Now that my six and four year old are asleep I can’t help but wonder how I did as a mom today. Usually I tend to think of all the things I did wrong and complain how I have been wronged. Lately I have been turning my thoughts around. I think on how lovely my little ones are and all the beauty they bring to me and my husband. What an honor and blessing that God would allow me to spend my days with two amazing children who keep me smiling, even when I am screaming.


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