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McDonald’s seems to have become a gathering place for many seniors  and others for morning coffee and a bite of breakfast.  Seniors gather up and discuss the news of the day, their lives, and for general friendship and camaraderie.  Many have completed their careers and they are in a sense gathering around the water cooler again to take in little bites of life. If you want to find out what’s happening in the world or around the corner, just visit your local McDonald’s in the morning sometime and pay attention to some of the conversations going on. You’ll find some very interesting insights about the world we live in.

“Yesterday I fell down and fortunately pulled myself up with a chair. Well I guess it’s getting to be that time. Not much you can do about it either.”

“The other day I woke up to the news.  An old boy killed his wife and kids and then killed himself.  Now that’s wonderful news to wake up to isn’t it?

“You going to vote today?  I don’t vote. Then don’t complain about whose in there.  Let’s go vote all the incumbents out!”

“I’m half way afraid to fly now with everything going on in the world. I think they ought to kill everything that moves with that ISIS bunch.

“They’re not about to impeach Obama. We’ll have to sign a petition to get him out of there.”

“You know I used to have an old 32 Chevy with hydraulic brakes.  You couldn’t stop that thing from here to that pick-up truck over there.  Now you barely tap them and they stop you.  You remember when you used to have to pump your brakes?”

“I used to have an old 40 model Ford.  It had a switch you had to turn on and off.  That’s what I learned to drive in when I was ten years old.  Of course we lived out in the country though.”

“When I was in the Navy in Colorado I got picked up for Jay Walking.  As soon as I stepped off the curb I got picked up and it cost me a ten-dollar fine.”

“I can feel cold weather in the air.  Winter she’s a coming soon.  How do you know?  I just know it.  The sun is further away from the earth or something.”

“Yeah I used to be married but I gave it up.  I guess no one will have me now.”

“My grandmother just turned 110 years old.  I’m going back to her birthday party in California next week.”

“Last night my wife broke out in a sweat three times.  She had a tightness in her chest.  I don’t know what to do about it.  It’s probably just a kidney infection and something she needs to work out of her system.”

“Where have you been Hank?  Oh, had to go to the hospital last week.  They had to put a pacemaker in and defibrillator for  me.”

“Good to see you guys!  Have you solved all of the world’s problems today?

“I’m not into social status. He’s gonna miss that pick-up truck of his.  But if that’s what Nick wants, the man’s got a little money. If that’s what he wants then by all means go for the Mercedes.”

“Hey, you going to church tomorrow night.  I’ll try!”

“See you tomorrow Rex.  Save some of the work for somebody else.  I’ll do it!”


So if you want to find out what’s really going on in the world, stop by your local McDonald’s for a sausage burrito and cup of coffee. Tune your ear in to the “Chronicles of McDonald’s”!

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  1. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    Great observations–each one a little story. Thanks for sharing.

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