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Last night as I was headed home on a busy road near our house something odd happened.  It was about six o’clock and already dark as it normally is this time a year.  The road I travel on to get home is a four lane road with a speed limit of forty-five miles per hour.  Many people travel fifty miles an hour or more in a hurry to make up a few minutes.  It is an extremely busy road near the mall with several restaurants and other businesses lining both sides.

I’ve driven the road so much it’s become very familiar to me.  I can tell you the timing of every stop light and where every bump and dip is within a few feet.  Last night turned out to be not so familiar. As I was driving I spot in the distance what looks like some blowing trash going back and forth across my lane.  As I get closer and closer I see what looks like a small animal in the road running feverishly in between lanes in the opposite direction I am traveling.  I slow down my car and right in front of me is a little chihuahua with his eyes bugged out and terribly afraid.  His eyes were full of pure fear!  He flew past my car and narrowly missed getting hit by the car in the lane next to me.  I glanced to the right hand side of the road and I see what looks to be his owner.  A little girl with her hands covering her mouth and looking very concerned, anxious, and afraid that her little pet was going to get hit by a car is standing on the side of the road watching all of this happen.  I stole a quick glance in my rear view mirror as I pulled into the left turn lane and it looked like she ran and finally caught up with her treasured loved one.  Had I not slowed down I would have most likely slammed right into the little fellow.

Isn’t that how we feel sometimes?  Have you had times were you felt frightened, all alone, and you didn’t know what you were going to do?  Have you felt like there are just too many obstacles for you to overcome in your life?  It might be a job loss, the loss of a loved one or friend, chronic health issues or other medical problems, divorce, or something just too overwhelming for you to handle. There is a beautiful song that was written entitled “His Eye is On the Sparrow” that reminds us of GOD’s love for us and how much he cares for us and about every little detail of our lives.  Yes he cares about the little sparrows and the little chihuahuas too!

In the book of Joshua – Joshua 1:9 ESV – GOD reminds us that he is in fact with us wherever we go and we don’t need to worry. He is always with us!  So when life comes flying at you in all directions on your road of life remember that he is there, he cares, and he doesn’t want you to be afraid.

Joshua 1:9 

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed. For the LORD your GOD is with you wherever you go.”






  1. Lisa says:

    Your post is powerful and my heart is moved. Thanks yo for sharing this. Thank You!!!!


  2. dansarc says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Makes one stop to think. Very inspiring!!!


  3. Monica Micaela says:

    Reblogged this on Monica Micaela and commented:
    Strong words. Powerful and touching!


  4. Every year our youth group at church has a theme scripture and Joshua 1:9 was it a couple of years ago. I love that particular verse–what a great message for all of us! Thanks for sharing! (And I’m so glad the little dog wasn’t hit by a car)


  5. Fantastic quote, great post, too.


  6. mgsunshine says:

    “So when life comes flying at you in all directions on your road of life remember that he is there, he cares, and he doesn’t want you to be afraid.”

    Simply and beautifully said.

    Liked by 1 person

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