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Yes, I,m tired. For several years I’ve been blaming it on middle-age, iron, poor blood, lack of vitamins, air pollution, water pollution, saccharin, obesity, dieting, under-arm odor, yellow wax buildup, and a dozen other maladies that make you wonder if life is really worth living.

But now I find out, tain’t that. I’m tired because I’m overworked. The population of this country is 200 million. Eighty-four million are retired. That leaves 116 million to do the work. There are 75 million in school, which leaves 41 million to do the work. Of this total, there are 22 million employed by the government. That leaves 19 million to do the work. Four million are in the Armed Forces, which leaves 15 million to do the work. Take from that total 14,800,000 people who work for the State and City Government and that leaves 200,000 to do the work. There are 188,000 in hospitals, so that leaves 12,000 to do the work.

Now there are 11,998 people in prisons. That leaves just two people to do the work. You and me…. and you’re sitting there reading this. No wonder I’m tired.


I came across this in some of my old papers today and thought you might enjoy it! Have you ever felt like you are the one doing all the work?



  1. Nefii says:

    ahahahahaaha… now that is funny…


  2. thehutowner says:

    I really thought it’s you who’s going to retire from writing. I felt sad just reading it until the Anonymous author came at the end. Finding out it’s not you was somehow a relief. Continue writing ’cause I enjoy reading your pieces. Thank you…and Good night..


  3. lucinda408 says:

    Thank you for stopping by. Glad I found your blog and look forward to reading your writings!


  4. Yes, I’ve felt that at times.I never really thought about it this way, but thanks for the enlightment.


  5. Hahaha. That is hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh this morning 🙂


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