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Sometimes GOD wants to bless us in abundance and gives us more than one blessing at a time. Several years ago my sister in Houston, Texas had wanted children for many years. She had tried to have children many times but it just seemed liked she could never get pregnant. She had several miscarriages and had tried everything to have children of her own. She then started seriously thinking about adopting and had pretty much given up.

It was at a church event in the Houston area that things started to change. She and my mother had volunteered to sing in the choir for this three-day event. During the time they were participating in the choir one night the pastor indicated that someone was getting a triple blessing within the crowd somewhere. Immediately something like an electric current went through her body and she started to shake all over. She said she felt a warmth all over her body as she slid out of her chair onto the floor. It was the Holy Spirit touching her that day!

It wasn’t long after that event that she became pregnant. Then she had not one, not two, but three little boys in the years that followed. So she was the one that got the triple blessing that day. GOD does bless us and sometimes the blessing comes in threes!

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  1. madamsabi says:

    Is our God not awesome


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