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We sure have come a long long way since the day the popular tennis like video game “Pong” was produced by Atari. Pong was one of the very first video games invented and came after a game called “Computer Space”. Pac-Man was another popular video game that later came out in 1980.  Now fast forward to 2014 and we have games with the names like the following.

– House of the Dead: Overkill

– Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number

– Grand Theft Auto San Adreas

– Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

– Duke Nukem Forever

– Saw

– Manhunt 2

– South Park the Stick of Truth

These games are some of the most offensive and violent games ever made. My question is what value do these type of games add to someones life? Too many kids get tied up with these time wasters that in my opinion create social deviants with decreased socialization skills in the long-term. I suppose there are positives like improving hand to eye coordination and possibly improving reflexes. They might also serve to improve teamwork skills through taking out others in an online shooting spree. Too many kids today spend way too much time playing these type of games.  Some play so much that they fall asleep in school after a long weekend of playing almost non-stop with friends from around the world on the internet. Some make the case that so much constant killing and violence in a video game world makes them numb in the real world.

It used to be that kids would go outside with their friends and ride bikes with a baseball card pinned to the back wheels with a close line pin to make the sound of an engine on a motor bike. They might also go outside and play baseball from daylight to dark with the neighborhood kids. Today they turn on their video games and shoot at each other across the world!

It doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean really – where is the value?  Any thoughts?






  1. ginnawings says:

    Oh, biy, do I remember the old computer games. Thanks for taking me down the Memory Lane.
    You are making an important point here. While I do embrace change at all times, not necessarily it is good by default. Gaming violence does make us less sensitive to real violence and, in my humble opinion, this is the real problem with exposure to it.
    I do have to add that everything is rooted in families and homes, the values we build into our offspring. It is our line of duty – to put it that way. And now I am creating a loop to gyour post of September 29.
    Wish you all the best,


  2. InfiniteZip says:

    I loved pong, played it listening to Herb Alpert with the sis, now i dont get out because of writing, but i do go out sometimes to do this 🙂 just gets too cold in winter. I see no purpose for the new games except to kill time and turn the world off, the violent ones serve no purpose. I would still prefer writing to playing 🙂


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