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Thinking back on some of the signs along the way of my heart attack track that I should have paid more attention to, I can recall three things that I should have been a lot more interested in. The first indicator that I was having trouble was that of heart palpitations.  As soon as the heart palpitations started I should have told my doctor about it. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t say anything. I guess some of it might have been from lack of knowledge about what was happening or maybe just thinking that they would go away somehow. The second sign was that I was overly tired and felt like I needed a nap every day at work.  It was a tiredness that just would not seem to go away. The third sign was that I started to cough a lot for some unknown reason. I would be sitting at my desk and just start coughing. It wasn’t a cough from having a cold. It wasn’t all the time. It was enough to be irritating to me and those who had to work around me. The annoying cough coupled with the palpitations and the tiredness should have been indicators that I probably should have told the doctor. Why is it though that guys seem to want to hold back from going to the doctor sometimes? Maybe we’re just trying to be tough or something. I don’t know the answer.

How about you? Have you had any of these signs before? Perhaps you are experiencing some of these signs now or you know someone who is. Don’t wait like I did. It’s nothing to mess around with. Prevention of a heart attack is much better than the alternative. Make sure you stay on the right track!




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