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“Ride on Time: Matters of the Heart” seems to be doing well on Amazon and has hit “Best Selling” in its category and is listed as a “Hot New Release” as well. I think the reason people are interested in it is because they might be curious as to how to prevent or stop the unexpected. Have you ever been to a point in your life where you could not catch your breath? Try going under water and running out of breath and then try to gasp for air that is not there. Then on top of that try to feel what it feels like to have your chest caving in on you from some outside pressure that you can do nothing about. You start to panic inside! What are you going to do! How can I stop this pain and pressure? How can I get air somewhere? Does anyone know how I feel? It could happen to anyone – regardless of the physical shape you are in. It’s happened to world class runners and world class athletes of all kinds. You can only do the best you can in trying to do the all the right things for your heart health and your over-all health in general.

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