Tony A. Smith

Perfect Day


You’ll Never Know How


It’s so good to have someone

to listen to my dreams

to make me laugh

to let me cry whenever I need to

someone who really cares about

what I want to be and do.


Everybody needs to have that one special, comfortable place

where you can go just to be yourself

anytime you want.


Everybody needs that one special person

who will love you just for you

without wanting to change a thing.


Everybody needs to feel

that anything you dream is possible,

and that you can accomplish

whatever you set your heart on.


That place… is with you.

That person is you.


Those dreams are happening

because you believed in me….

you’ve dreamed along with me.


You’ll never know

how much you mean to me.


Larry S. Chengges

Moving From West Coast To East Coast and The Things You Don’t Know About Me Yet

Jessie is a fighter and has an amazing story I wanted to share with you here. She is in the middle of writing a book of her life of many roads which I know will be an awesome testimony for the LORD and will bring hope and help to many!

Jessie Jeanine

Many changes have been taking place and it’s all good my friends.
There is so much to share and so little time… So, it seems.

Living in California has wiped me out TWICE now, so it’s time to move on. I have never experienced a door being slammed shut in my face so many times, as I have since living here. And while tenacity and persistence are just a way of life for some of us, there is also a time to recognize when God says, “No.” I came back here strictly because the weather has been the best for my health, but the stress and drama it’s taken to survive here has not been worth it. 

Image resultI have always believed that when you come upon one of the many mountains in life, if you can’t climb over it or go around it, then you have to find a way…

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Sensible Women


There are no sensible and responsible women left in the United States today!  Yes it is a fact according to one of our former Presidents who served not one, but two terms.  Grover Cleveland served as the 22nd and 24th President of the United States so he must have known what he was talking about when he said back in 1905 ” Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote.”

What a difference a hundred years makes.  Now we even have a woman who wants to not only vote, but be president of the United States. I’m wondering if Grover had it right all along??  Just kidding ladies!!!


Great Man

Eyeballin Me

Grandpa Days

Arkansas City Kansas

I recently visited my cousin in central Oklahoma over the weekend. While I was there she gave me this old photo. This is a photo of my Grandpa Smith who worked for a company in Arkansas City, Kansas.  I never met him and this is the only photo I have ever even seen of him.  Dad never knew him very well since he died when he was only 5 years old.  

I wonder what he would have been like?  I wonder what he would have told me about life and the things that are really important?  I am sure I would have learned a few things from him about how it was in his day.  I know things have certainly changed since his time.  


How about you?  Do you have any favorite stories of your own grandpa that you might want to share here.  I wish I had some to tell about my Grandpa Smith but I never knew him… 


I Am Smiling

Bad Day


Earl Nightingale



Remember when …………

Keyholes were really keyholes.

People went to drive-in move theaters outside and it only cost $2 a carload.  The speakers went on the side windows.  I can’t tell you the number of times my dad started to drive off with speaker still on the window.

Kids would play outside all day instead of playing all day with video games and on the computer.

The only dishwasher was the one with two hands.

The only frozen foods were the ones from leftovers.

There were no microwaves and you actually had to wait to eat your food.

Heroes were really heroes.

Man first landed on the moon.  There were some people who refused to believe it was true and still do.

The Vietnam war was finally over and Walter Cronkite stopped giving the body count on the evening news.

McDonald’s only had a hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, coke, and a milkshake on their menu.  Seems like it tasted better back then too…

Amtrak had the only search engine.

John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. were shot down.  Seems like the world changed in those moments…

You passed out Valentine’s Day cards to all your friends at school.

You just couldn’t wait to grow up.

Michael Jackson sang with the Jackson Five on American Bandstand.

The “Twist” was a dance and not something you did with your fingers to open a bottle of coke.

Sally Fields was “The Flying Nun” and then married Burt Reynolds after being chased by “Smokey”.

We first met a robot in “Lost in Space”. “That does not compute Will Robinson”.

Everyone wore bell bottom jeans and tie dye shirts.

The slinky and silly putty were our favorite toys.

Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the wall.

Michael Jordan flew high with Chicago and then tried his hand at baseball.  That’s no bull.

Tom Landry coached “The Boys” and wore that funny hat.

Rubik’s cube became an impossibility.

Donald Trump wrote a book on negotiating.

The Miami Dolphins never lost a football game.

All you had to worry about was what color you were going to use and if you wanted chocolate milk or white milk and when it was time for a nap in Kindergarten.

Clara Peller first said “Where’s the Beef?” in a Wendy’s commercial.

The “Frito Bandito” would sing on and on about the bag of “Fritos” and how much he loved “Fritos” corn chips!

They banned cigarette ads from television.

The only television was a black and white and you had to actually turn a knob or two to get the channel and volume to change.

You wanted to slap “Nurse Ratchet” for being so mean to the patients in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

“Dominoes” became more than just a game you played with dots and became something you ate.

“Big Bird” got really big and “The Bird” was a professional baseball player that patted and picked the pitcher’s mound.

“Roller Derby” was popular.

“Cabbage Patch Dolls” and “Beanie Babies” became popular.

“Halloween” became a movie.

Garth Brooks sang his first song.

Horses could talk – “Mr. Ed” and “Frances the Talking Mule”.

Sinclair was a gas company with a green dinosaur.

Marilyn Monroe died of a drug overdose.

The Beetles were first seen on the Ed Sullivan show with their long, mop-top haircuts.

Johnny Carson went off the air.

There were only VHS and Beta recorders for movies.

Polaroid cameras were cool with the instant photographs that could be developed.

You could get a comic book for 15 cents.

Walmart didn’t exist.

You went to your senior prom.

You got your first car.

Kelly Clarkston won the first “American Idol” contest.

“Windows” became more than something you raised for fresh air.

The internet first became popular. I think Vice President Al Gore invented it didn’t he?

Punch cards were used for programming a computer.

Studying for a spelling test and memorizing the multiplication tables was the hardest thing you had to do in life.

You would play “Hide and Seek”, “Freeze Tag”, and “Marco Polo” with your friends.

Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, and Mr. Rogers always made you smile and Dudley Dooright was always doing something wrong.

Life was so much simpler with the likes of Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tweety Bird, Road Runner, and Foghorn and Leghorn.

You could always count on something good happening in Roy Rogers, Superman, The Lone Ranger, Rawhide, The Rifleman, and Bonanza.

Children actually started their day with a prayer on the loudspeaker in public schools and then the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

It was okay to say “Merry Christmas” and “GOD” in public.

You first found out that Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny were just made up storybook characters.

People used to go on picnics and spend time together as a family with a blanket and real food.

Ross Perot ran for President and then ran for the hills.  Should have stuck with EDS Ross.

You could only drive 55 mph on the highway.  Must have had something to do with peanut oil.

Atari and Intellivision were the only video games around and the Vic 20 was a computer that you could afford.

There was no Facebook.

Truman was put on the silver dollar.

Amazon was just a big river.

Alfred Hitchcock’s movie – “The Birds” made us all afraid of birds.

Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, and Green Acres made us laugh.





Beach Photo

My eyes are closed

Lying here in this warm sand

The crashing waves wash the tiny particles of sand covering my feet

The hands of the sun caress my face

The beach birds go about their own daily routine of begging and seeking what may be left behind

In these quiet moments I realize just how good it is to be alive

To sense the wonders of the created but more importantly the creator

The hard days don’t look so hard in moments like these when I stop the world to listen, to feel,

To sense his presence and what matters most of all

Moments pass

As do the days

Yet it is in the moments that we truly live and move and have our being

Fear not what tomorrow may bring but live this day he says

For today is the day I have given you

The world collides like the waves crash the shoreline again, then again, then again

Be still he says

And the waves disappear into the ocean of my vast love and care

Be still and know

Be still and know that he is

Be still and know that he is always

Be still and know that he is always there


My Community