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I just wanted to share a video of my nephew who just started his own business on FIVERR.  If you have a need for book trailers or promotional videos for your business, you may want to give Jason a try.  He has already completed one video for me and is working on several others right now.  He has also completed several retail business related videos.  He really is a very talented young man!

Here is the link to go directly to his site if you are interested in checking out what he can do.

JT Productions 

Double Positive

Teacher:  “Class, it’s an interesting linguistic fact that, in English a double negative forms a positive. In some languages, such as Russian, a double negative is still negative. However, there is no language in which a double positive can form a negative.”

Student:   “Yeah, right.”



Calling All Children’s Books Authors – Special Needs Children Need Your Books!

What a great cause! This is terrific thing for the kids!


Bird from Twin Lakes Civitan

Hi fellow authors!

I recently received a message from a lady, Angie Smith, who is looking for books up to grade six level for special needs children. She is the secretary of Twin Lakes Civitan, a non-profit organization that helps people of all ages who are in need of assistance. Above is their adorable snake reading a book and below their logo!

Twin Lakes Civitan

Angie asked me if I could spread the word about this organization and help in some way to obtain the much needed books for their special needs children to get them up to their reading levels. I told her I would be happy to send some of my books to her. All most authors want in return is a review. This she said she would make sure is done for anyone who donates a book or books.

Please visit their website and you will see the good things that they do to help…

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Now I See

Ray of Light

Purple rays of light slice the dawn

Before the sun settles in and light is gone

I must pass the baton

I saw

Now I see 

I will forever be with thee

It’s now I know

It’s now I see

It’s not about me

The race is here

Your face so near

You hold my hand

I take my stand

And if I fall

I’ll surely call

On you today, and every day

Love doesn’t take a break

Even when mistakes I make

I saw

But now I see

It’s not about me

It’s now I know

It’s how I see

You whisper in my ear

I am here, I am here

Just keep going, I am near

Life will twist and turn

And yes, it can be stern

But when you see

That he is with thee

You’ll take your stand 

On his command

I saw

But now I see

It’s not about me


Two Boys Bikes

We were the best of friends growing up on the south side of Oklahoma City.  Kevin’s dad worked with my dad down at the steel plant in the city.  During those burning hot Oklahoma summertime days we’d always be over at each other’s house playing baseball and running up and down the concrete creek beds on our bicycles.  Neither one of us liked to wear shoes in the summertime so were always getting stickers or blisters of some sort on our shoe-less, dirt blackened feet.  Kevin and I both had one of those long banana style seats specially fitted for our bikes.  Then we added colorful plastic streamers for each handlebar.  Finally we’d grab a few clothespins from the clothesline and pin them to the back wheels of our bikes with a few bubblegum baseball cards.  That would give us the true to life sound of a motorcycle as the spokes of our wheels strummed the cards like a drum.  The only thing missing to make us official motorcycle riders were the helmets.

Even though Kevin and I went to the same elementary school for years, we never saw each other much at school.  As some might say -“We were in different classes together.”  The summers passed us by as did the years of growing up together and soon we were in Junior High School.  Have you ever wished you could go back in your life to some specific moment in time to change something you did or didn’t do?  Something you said or didn’t say? I do!

One day I happened to pass Kevin in the hallway during our ninth grade year.  He pulled me to the side and asked me if I could help him sell donuts for the student council in the hallway between classes the following week.  I thought that would be a neat experience so I agreed to help out.  It was during that time that I realized Kevin really had a difficult time in school.  He couldn’t really calculate properly.  He couldn’t do the basics of adding and subtracting properly so he asked me if I would help him out during that time to get through his shift with the student council.  He did seem pretty desperate when he asked me to help out.  I never knew before that he struggled so much with school work.  I later found out that the reason I never saw Kevin much in school was because he had been taking special education classes all those years.

Then one morning before classes started I was sitting in the lunch room at a table with some of my friends playing paper football.  Kevin walks by with a big Bible in his hands.  Joe, another friend of mind starts mocking Kevin as he passes by.  “Hey Bible boy” “What are you doing with that Bible?”  “I didn’t know special ed kids could read.” he says.  I could see the tears start to form at the corner of Kevin’s eyes while I just sat there with my mouth shut pretending I didn’t even know him.  The bell rings for classes to start and the kids in the lunch room start to shuffle out.  I hang back to the be the last one out the door before Kevin.  Kevin just stares at me bewildered and says “Why didn’t you say something?”  “You acted like you didn’t even know who I was?”  “Kevin, why do you carry that Bible around?”  I said.  “Because that’s all I know to do.” “The kids here are always picking on me.”

It was in the middle of my ninth grade year that we moved twenty miles to the west of Oklahoma City to a new town.  I never saw Kevin after that except for one more time during our senior year of high school when he dropped by to watch a Oklahoma Sooners football game with me.

Then one day I got a phone call from Dad when I was away at college my freshman year.  He told me that Kevin had just died in a terrible construction accident in Oklahoma City.  He had been helping unload some construction material when an overhead power line snapped into and fell on top of his truck.  He stepped out onto the ground and was electrocuted by the live wire.  His body they say was burned and charred beyond recognition.  It was “unrecognizable”.

Yes, I do wish I would have said more.  I wish I would have done more back then.  But for my friend Kevin – I waited too long to tell him I was sorry for not recognizing him that day.  Kevin,  I really am sorry.



Public Domain

Public Domain

Remember that often adversity is a blessing in disguise and is certainly the greatest character builder.

Fred Koch





Public Domain Photo

Public Domain Photo

Your heart hurts bad

It really makes me mad


Not a day goes by

That questions don’t fly

I wish I had some answers for you

I really, really do


From joy to sad

That’s what makes me mad





Give me your tears

For all those years 

That could have been

And should have been 


How can I not be sad 

To see the joy that others have

That you could have had

You can’t discern

One day, it will be your turn


Your joy will be here

Even now, it’s so very near

I know your heart hurts bad

Try to turn from this valley of sad


Can’t you see

The light of joy will shine on you and me

Clouds and Storms


Potato Respect


This potato has been sitting around the house for a while as you can tell from the roots that are sprouting out of it.  Does anyone know it if is still good to eat if the roots are like this?  I suppose I should have given the old potato more respect than I did.  The largest potato on record was 7 pounds and 1 ounce grown in Great Britain.  I wonder if I could set an American record if I plant this baby in the ground and let her grow now. 

Potatoes have been around for more than 4000 years and came from South America originally. They are grown in all 50 states of the United States and more than 125 countries. The state of Idaho grows more potatoes than any other state.  One billion people a day eat potatoes.  McDonald’s is responsible for about 7% of the potatoes grown in the United States for its french fries alone.

Even though the potato is composed of 80% water it has more potassium than a banana, more fiber than an apple, and weighs in on average at only about 100 calories.  Now I didn’t say you could load it with sour cream and butter and still stay at the 100 calorie mark.  Come on!  Potatoes are also chalked full of vitamins and minerals like Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B-6, and Magnesium.

 V P Dan Quayle - PD - DOD

Vice President Dan Quayle – PD – DOD

Thomas Jefferson gets the credit for bringing french fries to the United States through the White House, however the 44th Vice President of the United States – Dan Quayle gets the credit for spelling potato wrong.  During a spelling bee in 1992 at Munoz Rivera Elementary School, Vice President Quayle incorrectly had a student add an “e” to the end of potato to be spelled as potatoe. He was actually working from an inaccurate flash card that had been prepared in advance by a teacher there and didn’t catch the mistake in time.  People never let him live that one down.  Dan Quayle was also a member of the United States House of Representatives, as well as the United States Senate.  He also was Chairman of the National Space Council and in 1995 the potato was the first vegetable grown in space.  Or was that a “potatoe” that was grown?  You decide!  There is less gravity in space so maybe it can take that extra “e” with no problem! What do you think Dan?

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